For over 15 years, I have served the Entertainment, Luxury, Defense, and Motorsports industries as a freelance Marketing Director and consultant. I have worked to raise the looks and Marketing departments for many large and medium companies with critical needs of advanced Communications methods and very high end representation. Today, i bring all those skills and advanced concepts to most of my clients and persevere in keeping every project a change to innovate and perform at the highest level.


Fields of Expertise
- Marketing management
- New business development
- Creative & strategic marketing
- E-Marketing & social media strategist
- Multimedia production ( Graphic, Film, Audio )
- Small to large scale event coordination
- Technology team management
- Creative consulting and direction

Technical Expertise

- Graphic design
- Website design
- Website layout & development
- Audio/Video editing
- Music Production
- Video & film production
- Photography
- Printing

Clients Include
- New media business
- Technology companies
- E-commerce & online based companies
- Advertising agencies
- Start-ups
- Lifestyle magazines
- Publishing industry
- Entertainment companies
- Record labels
- Video game publishers
- Tv channels
- Independent film or music producers
- Defense companies
- Weapon manufactures
- Art Galleries
- Fine art
- Luxury industry (trade & retail)
- Watch & jewelry brands
- Luxury brands & stores
- High profile professionals & talents
- Fashion Design brands
- Lifestyle clothing
- Fine restaurants


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Lucas Bailach